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Improve the efficiency of your Sales Team

You as a Sales Manager or otherwise responsible for sales are undoubtedly focused on improving the performance of your Sales Team

MIS-Improved Sales is a data processing application that is intended to help you with that. It is a web application that has been developed by Active Discovery Designs and its purpose is to give insight in the whole Sales Funnel. Next to this you can use it to measure, compare and improve the achievements of your Sales Team at all levels in your organization.

MIS-Improved Sales is ideally suited for Sales Managers who want to see the enthusiastic stories of their employees expressed in real figures. The system has an advanced Sales Performance Dashboard and reporting system that displays the results of you and your team in a very professional way. Of course it is configurable to your needs, graphically as well as otherwise.

Sample dashboard

The philosophy behind the system is simple:

"Careful analysis and targeted actions in each stage of the sales process and the resulting increase in orders and higher sales."

That this approach has to lead to an increase of orders and sales is quite obvious.


Of course there are many systems that claim to be able to help you with improving the performance of your Sales Team. However, we hope you have become a bit curious about what our MIS-Improved Sales might be able to offer you based on the above.

If you are interested we suggest one of the following:

  • Go to the 'How does it work' page for more information.
  • Go to the contact page for our contact details.
  • Have a look at our demo system. Click here to go to our demo system. You can logon with username 'sales' and password 'sales'.