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About MIS-Improved


MIS-Improved Sales was originally developed by Active Discovery Designs for a Sales Consultancy firm to support their activities in helping companies make their Sales Teams more effective. While it is still a very good idea to hire professionals to do Sales Consultancy, Active Discovery Designs decided to develop and market MIS-Improved Sales further so it can also be used without professional guidance and the related fees.

With the help of one of our Sales Representatives MIS-Improved Sales can be set up and configured within a few hours and you will know more about the effectivity of your Sales Team within days, and, what's more important, adapt your strategy so you will sell more with less effort.

About the developer

Active Discovery Designs is a web development company that originally started from making websites with very special graphical designs. Over time Active Discovery Designs evolved to a web developer that focusses more and more on more advanced websites using state of the art programming techniques. This means that Active Discovery Designs not only creates websites with outstanding graphical designs, but can incorporate development techniques to make your website more dynamic, meaning more adapted to the users.

And while still also focused on basic graphical web development, Active Discovery Designs has been building the Active Discovery Application Framework that enables Active Discovery Designs to quickly develop advanced websites and web applications. MIS-Improved Sales is a very good sample of an advanced web application built with that framework.

So of course Active Discovery Designs can still design or redesign your brochure, leaflet, poster, website or whatever commercial material you would like to have. But it can now also build high quality, multi-language, multi timezone reliable web applications in a relatively short time and at very affordable rates.

The current motto of Active Discovery Designs is:

Dutch quality at affordable prices!

And this is also exactly what MIS-Improved Sales is all about as we already explained above: MIS-Improved Sales can be set up easily, even without expensive professional consultants. And you may be amazed about the low cost for an advanced sales tool like this.