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Play now

You can play around with a demo version of our system. We hope this will give you an impression of the functionality.

You can access the demo environment with the link of internal security of the system it is not possible to log you onto the system directly from this site. The link will therefor bring you to the login screen where you can login with username 'sales' and password 'sales'.

What can you expect

After you are logged onto our demonstration system with username 'sales' and password 'sales' the first thing you see is the Sales Dashboard as a Sales Manager with two employees would see it:

  • A selector with which you can choose the scenario (multiple sales scenarios are possible next to each other. The demo system only has one scenario defined.
  • Selectors to select the period you want to see the data for. Options are year, month, week, day, YTD (Year To Ddate).
  • A selector to choose the organisational level for which you want to see the data. In our demo system you can see the following levels:
    1. Totals of my department (Total Sales).
    2. Data for myself: Sales Manger (my name).
    3. Data for employee 1 (Account Manager 1).
    4. Data for employee 2 (Account Manager 2).
  • A row of clocks regarding sales activities.
  • A row of clocks regarding orders and turnover.

Next to this you can see a number of menu items at the top according to the flow of the program. You can also see a submenu on the left side of the screen that changes with the mainmenu item you choose. At this stage the most interesting mainmenu item for you next to the Sales Dashboard" would be 'Reporting'. The other menus are mainly for entering data. Explaining the use here is out of the scope of this website, but please feel free to enter, change or delete data in our demo system. If you are interested in a personalized demonstration we are of course interested in passing by and explaining the system more. See our contact page how to contact us for a personalized demonstration.

Unfortunately there is not much data for the current year 2010 in our demonstration system. However, when you choose the year 2009 you will see the clocks are definitely moving and showing interesting data.

What else is available

What you cannot see straight away is that the system is fully configurable. For example you can define your own activities (marketing steps) and appoint and create scenarios. You can also determine the level of detail with which you want to capture and show sales data, for example through the appointment of customer groups and product groups.

The application is multilingual and available in Dutch, English and German. If required we can add relatively easy additional languages.

You can enter the full organizational structure of your organization in the system, so that management has complete overview of the different departments and individual employees.

Special offer

If you would like to try a fully customized demonstration environment specially configured for your organization and according to your requirements that is very well possible. At the moment we have a special offer where you can use a fully customized and configured system for your organization for three months for free. Please see our contact page how you can contact us to avail of this opportunity.