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How does it work


MIS-Improved Sales is a tool to help you to improve the efficiency of your Sales Team. The system has an extensive and modern Sales Performance Dashboard with a related advanced reporting system. This system, in which all relevant data has been summarized on all organizational levels of the sales organization, continuously informs you and your staff of the performance of the individual account manager or the applicable sales department. In this way changes in the status of the Sales Funnel can be quickly analyzed and appropriate measures can be taken to change the strategy with respect to the activities to be performed NOW by the sales organization in order to 'stay on target'.

One time configuration activities

There are only a few one time steps needed to get the system going:

  1. Determine and enter the normal steps in the sales process of your organization.
  2. Determine in what level of detail (customers and products) you want to see the reports generated by the system. For this there are diffent options available: customers, customer groups, products and product groups.
  3. Create users (for each employee one) and create the organization structure related to that.

Yearly activities

Every year you start with entering the yearly targets (you probably do this activity already, so just enter what's already available).

  1. For each employee you first enter the order and turnover targets (per customer/customer group/product/product group).
  2. Enter next for each sale employee the yearly activity target (target number of activities per customer/customer group).
  3. Enter the capacity for each employee.
  4. Now let the system generate the planning based on the entered yearly targets and capacity automatically. With this step a detailed yearly plan becomes available for each employee.
  5. Adapt this automatically generated yearly plan. Normally an employee would do this step him or her self. Manual adaptations are needed as we are sure certain activities fit better in some parts of the year and other activities are more suitable for other parts of the year. Of course the system provides options to check the original targets versus the manually adapted plan.

As you may understand from the above the targets are entered per employee. In this way we make sure that the targets are availabe on a per employee basis. Of course the system aggregates the targets and planning automatically to higher levels without entering additional data.

Daily activities

Of course being a manager you don't have to use the system on a daily basis. However, probably the system gives you that much insight in what's going on in your sales organization that opening the MIS Improved Sales Dashboard is the first thing you do every day in the morning. Your employees actually only need to do one thing every day:

  1. Enter the performed activities and the realized turnover. Of course we can provide an import module for the realized sales if your ordering system already holds the data needed.

Weekly/periodic activities

The 'weekly' (or actually periodic as you would choose your own schedule) activities are only the discussion of the realized results, or, much more important, the adaptations in the strategy of your sales team based on the results you see from the MIS-Improved Sales system. Of course you decide yourself how often and in what way you will do this:

  1. Discuss the performed activiets and the realized sales.
  2. If required adapt the strategy and determine the activities that are expected to give the best result.

And of course it's all about the last activity:

Improve your sales results!